About the nature

The Small Danube is a plain river. The total length of the river is 128 km. It separates from the trunk stream of Danube after floodgates in Bratislava. The Small Danube river pours into the river Váh near Kolárovo and they both pour into the Danube near Komárno. The surroundings of the Small Danube river consist mostly of meadows and fields. They are separated from the very stream by several tenths of meters wide flooded forests.

In the waters of Small Danube and its neighborhood you can find several interesting and valuable animal and plant species as well as mushrooms. The most frequent fish are the carp, barbell and pike. There are 4 historical water mills on the Small Danube; edge mills in Jahodná and Tomášikovo and a floating mill in Kolárovo.